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Whales and positive attitude

Thank you Alberto for recommending Ken Blanchard’s book “Whale done”. It is a very interesting perspective on what stimulates us to do the things others expect us to do. (Employees, kids, partners).

It starts from the whales training observation.

At Sea World, whales are trained to participate in shows, to jump out of the water when the trainer raises her hand. The question is: How can you train a killer whale? You can’t use punishment, do you? You can’t use constraint, can you? So, what do you use? That’s the beautiful part: See:

To start, trainers put a rope at half depth of the pool. Every time the whale swims above the rope, they give her a treat. When the whale swims beneath, they do nothing.

The whale is smart. One day she will understand when there is a treat and when there is none.

Day by day, they put the rope a little closer to the surface.

You got it? One day, the rope will be out of the water…. And the whale will jump!

OK, you reader, you don’t want to be a whale trainer. But this practice may interest you a lot. It is the perspective of paying attention to what is well (whale) done and not to what is done wrongly.

Can you imagine for a moment how would your work life and your home life be if everybody around was celebrating the good things and even the smallest improvement?

I think everybody will be motivated to do more, to be a team, to enjoy being together.

Others might think everything would go wrong because many of us think that if you don’t point out the things that don’t work, if you don’t threaten, people will not improve.

I believe this perspective of “whale done” can be very useful when people are trapped into negative attitude: complaining mother or despotic boss or over-demanding organizations where nothing is ever “good enough”.

I believe in the natural tendency of individuals to look for appreciation, to be happy with what they do and how they do it. (And, bottom line, that’s the kind of people you want around, don’t you? So that’s what you want to cultivate.)

I do believe this perspective can boost great results at work places and homes. You can read more:

About Ken Blanchard

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